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Dave, Georgia and Nathan

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27 and 19


I feel it is important us for us to speak out, support, and advocate for gay people.

Gays and lesbians are just like anyone else.


Being gay is only a small part of who our gay neighbors are.

I would like to see everyone fairly protected by the same rights and laws.


Treat your gay neighbors as you would treat any other neighbor.  They value their home and family as much as you do and should be respected for that.

My gay son could actually be denied visitation of his partner if he was hospitalized. This is unfair stress for the couple.


The Cream City Foundation's Gay Neighbor billboard campaign is a wonderful way to continue the education process to our straight neighbors and allies that was started with the recent Constitutional Amendment. There were many people identified as supportive, and the Gay Neighbor billboard campaign will only build on that. As PFLAG Chapter president and the mother of a gay son, I endorse fairness for everyone. The Gay Neighbor Billboard Campaign, as I see it, is opening the closets to further educate people about the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered) community in creating greater awareness. The Gay Neighbor Campaign is going to be a huge step in helping to start conversations and help us create more allies within the straight community, for all LGBT people.


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