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Erin and Brigid

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Visibility is key to equality.

The more that individuals, couples, and families show that they are proud to be gay, the easier it is for others to be happy about it.


We are both very lucky to have loving and level minded family and friends. We recently had a commitment ceremony and reception in downtown Milwaukee and were surrounded by over 100 family and friends who love us and know we are good people.

Unfortunately, we know gay people who are too scared to tell their families who they really are or have been banished from their families when they do come out.

Coming out to family and friends is an important step. You find out who loves you unconditionally and who is fearful because of misinformation.


Ask your gay neighbors about their lives, their weekend, their gardens.

We are lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who support us. We are also fortunate that Erin's company offers domestic partnership insurance.



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