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Hector and Mike

Relationship Status:
Partnered, 4 years

What made you decide to participate in this project?

Visibility can help others see beyond stereotypes and change their perception of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

If you are someone who has the privilege to marry, help those who don't. I can't get married. If I get married in California, not only would my marriage not be valid in my state, but I might get in legal trouble.

Your support can prevent bullying, suicide, hate crimes, and unfair treatment.

Hector and Mike


It wasn't until the 60's that the United States Supreme Court ruled that all bans on interracial marriage were unconstitutional, even though a majority still opposed to it. People thought that interracial marriages were an abomination, and now that thought seems ridiculous.

"I worry because homophobia and heterosexism have led to violence and hate crimes," but counters that thought with enthusiasm and optimism, stating "I believe change is possible. I believe that "positive visibility" is not about promoting good deeds we do, but about those who look at us being able to see past their preconceptions. I also believe that not only do I deserve the same rights than everyone else, but heterosexism hurts and places me and others in danger."


I am quite thrilled to be part of this campaign.

Thoughts on being out and visible and gay marriage

I feel that it is so important to be exactally who you are and to embrace all that you bring to the world. When you hide your true self as a gay person, it tends to validate the belief that you are doing something wrong for some people. I don't kid myself that it is that simple for everyone to be out of the closet, but hopefully through this campaign, someone will be inspired by us or anyone here and begin that process of coming out.

I also feel quite strongly about the right for all people to enjoy the legal act of marriage. Once again the fact of being out and visible can help this cause. All of our neighbors need to know and understand who we are and what we bring to the table. I know that we are a strong group of people, but, if the population who have been given the right to be married have not ruined the sanctity of marriage with divorce, I doubt that we can do any worse.


Siempre hemos estado presentes. Somos tus hijos, hermanos, primos, vecinos, y amigos. Y como las personas que quieres, nos merecemos tu respeto y apoyo.

Es común escuchar personas decir, " A mi los gays y las lesbianas no me molestan, siempre y cuando no se metan conmigo o que no anden por ahi anuciandolo." Pero saben que? la mayoria de los gays y las lesbianas no se meten con nadie. La mayoria trata de esconderlo, aunque el esconderlo cueste mucho esfuerzo y dolor. Como gays y lesbianas solo queremos tener la libertad de ser quienes somos sin tener que escondernos, sin recibir la estigma y el prejucio que nos maltrata y nos oprime. El silencio hace daño, ya basta. Demasiados gays y lesbianas has sido victima de violencia o se han provocado daño a si mismo/as. Es nuestra resposabilidad, la responsibilidad de todos, debemos cambiar esto, debemos hablar, y respetar la diferencias para poder entonces entenderlas y apreciarlas.

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