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I have a wonderful life here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My friends and family are supportive of my hobbies and interests. Animal welfare is one of my passions. Spending time with my pets, Pembroke Welsh Corgis adds to my joy in life. I love art, design, and home decor. I am working on an aggressive renovation of my own home. I am fortunate to be able to open my house up to many non-profit fundraisers. Those events have become leading successes for the organizations that I support.

One of my favorite activities in this area is The Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival. It brings not just the LGBT population together, but the whole community. Likewise AIDS walk is an event of great spirit. As the populations that HIV/AIDS touches is varied, I think it is important to come together as a state to fight that disease. Pride Fest is always lots of fun and showcases some of the talent in the LGBT population.

In the last few years, I have appointed two different committees to distribute funds on my behalf. The 25/25 Committee of the Cream City Foundation was a group of women who chose where to distribute my gift from the Joseph R. Pabst LGBT Infrastructure Fund. This billboard project comes from the second committee I helped to appoint, the 41/26 Venture Committee. They came up with the idea of a campaign to influence Milwaukee and Waukesha Wisconsin Counties. I am proud that these committees have felt empowered to make wise decisions about how to best use the funds.

Comments from interviews with Joe about this campaign:

Cream City Foundation Gay Neighbor Billboard Campaign came from a generous gift by the Joseph R. Pabst LGBT Infrastructure Fund. Cream City Foundation, in partnership with the fund formed the 41/26 Venture Committee who spearheaded this billboard campaign.

"I really do believe in the equitable and fair distribution of funds. I think it's unfair to dictate all on my own where the funds go, and to have a local committee, as with the 41/26, creates a measure of fairness. I don't think any other local LGBT funder has done that. It empowers people to do good work. They were given pretty much fair range to decide what was best for the community as a whole - and I am very grateful to them all. The people who are on the billboards are extraordinary human beings--Just amazing. This project is worthy of community awareness and participation."

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