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NikkiWhat zip code are you in?

Describe your status: partnered, married, single, widowed etc.

Do you have children & if so what are their ages?
14-year old twin girls

What made you decide to participate in this project?

I would like to support a project that promotes LGBT awareness and shows that the LGBT community includes bright and beautiful loving families.

What inequalities have you faced as members of the LGBT community or as people who love someone gay?

Friends have been supportive since my first coming out and although initially surprised, family members have become my supporters as well.

My daughters have not faced any backlash from peers. In fact, one of the teachers at their school recently asked me about my upcoming LGBT projects, while the mom of one of daughters' friends called to tell me she had read and supported my books about my coming out experience. I have been blessed with people who continue to accept me and my family.

The road to breaking down inequalities can begin by talking to one person at a time. Supporting gay neighbors can begin with a simple conversation: personally welcome and acknowledge your gay neighbors.

I am fortunate to work for a company that provides same-sex domestic partner health insurance, a rarity in Milwaukee.


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